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3 Pro Tips to Book More Listing Appointments

Aaron Lucas
Mar 5 4 minutes read

Listing Hack #1: Leveraging the Contacts in Your Phone

If you’re crazy-good at keeping in touch with everyone you know and asking the right probing real estate-related questions, this one might not work for you.

But if you’re like 99.99% of professionals out there, that’s not the case.

Which means there are tons of contacts in your phone who you haven’t spoken to in weeks, months or even years!

So here’s what you do…

Write this text script into a “notes” app on your phone:

Hey [Name], the spring market is already here! Have you had any thoughts of selling in 2020?

Then, copy that text, open your contacts and start texting it to people one-by-one. BE SURE TO PERSONALIZE EACH TEXT with the person’s name!

Continue through your address book until you’ve sent it to every relevant person in your contacts.

Then, wait for the responses. When you get them, resist the temptation to quickly dial their number to set an appointment. Instead, stay in digital rapport by furthering the conversation via text, and eventually book an appointment!

Listing Hack #2: Identifying Potential Sellers Through Instagram Stories Polls

If you’ve ever questioned why it’s important to build a strong local following on Instagram, here’s your reason.

Inside IG Stories, you have the ability to create a poll where you can see people’s answers.

Which gives you an ideal opportunity to start a conversation.

Obviously, the more people who view your Stories, the better your opportunity to connect with a potential client.

Here’s how:

  • First, record a video talking about the high buyer demand nationwide and – if applicable – in your local market as well. Make that an IG story.
  • On the next story, type the question “Are you living in your dream home now?” and add a poll with YES or NO options.
  • On the next story, ask the question “Have you had any thoughts of selling in 2020?” and add a poll with YES or NO options.
  • As a bonus, add an additional story that says, “If you said NO, I’m curious… At what price would you be willing to sell.”

At the end of that day, go through everyone who responded to any of the questions – whether they said yes or no, it doesn’t matter ­– to thank them for answering and to engage with them appropriately. Be genuine, not aggressively salesy, and see how you can help.

By doing this, you’ll scale trust, you’ll build more rapport and you’ll set more appointments!

Listing Hack #3: Re-Engaging with Past Clients from 2-5 Years Ago

In most markets, home prices have risen dramatically over the last five years.

That means those people you helped move over that same time span have probably done quite well for themselves.

And there’s no better way to remind them of exactly how well they’ve done than providing them with a beautiful CMA informing them of their home’s current value.

Along with it, send a personalized, hand-written note congratulating them on their success. Include a question that says something like, “Have you had any thoughts of trading up or trading down in 2020 or beyond? Let me know.”

And do all of this unsolicited… don’t wait for them to reach out to you. Be proactive and deliver value.

If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry… I’m not saying to send them all tomorrow. Do five a week until you’ve completed everyone you’ve worked with over the last two to five years.

Then, make sure to follow up with a phone call a week or so after mailing each CMA to check in, make sure they received it and engage in a meaningful way. Even if they’re completely content in their home, there’s a good chance those conversations can lead to referral opportunities, or at minimum, some goodwill and top-of-mind awareness for you.

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