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Simple Solutions To 5 Common Real Estate Marketing Mistakes

Aaron Lucas
Feb 27 7 minutes read

Simple Solutions To 5 Common Real Estate Marketing Mistakes

Do you ever find yourself writing your blog or a social media post and wondering, “Am I doing this whole ‘content’ thing right?”

Doing it “right” requires planning, a strategic vision, time and effort. And you already have your hands full with attracting and serving customers. I know… it’s a grind. But it’s also really important in today’s marketing world.

Common Marketing Mistake #1: Not Doing Enough!

Some of the content one guy had posted across his channels was really great information. I’m sure you have some valuable content on your website, blog or social media pages as well.

Here was the big problem, though: The last time he posted was almost a year ago!

I know the same dilemma exists on far too many agent sites and social media accounts.

Do you know what a devastating message that sends to potential buyers and sellers in your market? A consumer who sees you haven’t updated anything for a long period of time will assume that you are no longer in business. Even if they give you the benefit of the doubt, they won’t view you as a serious player.

I’d contend a neglected blog or social media account is potentially more detrimental than having no presence at all.

What’s the Solution?

Here are two tips to overcome this pitfall: One, bring consistency to your posts by establishing a set publishing schedule – and sticking to it. For instance, in my case, you know every other Thursday will bring you a new #GHRC show. Don’t get too ambitious! Set a reasonable schedule that won’t eat up all of your time, which brings me to…

Two, if necessary, hire a copywriter or a freelancer to pitch in to ensure you establish and maintain consistent content creation.

Bonus tip: If you fear not having enough to say, calm down. You have a lot of valuable knowledge to share. Use a “notes” app on your phone to jot down any potential topic ideas as you conduct your daily business. Anytime a client asks a good question or you resolve a dilemma, that’s potential content that can help other people out there! Add it to the list and execute on it, or share that list with your copywriter.

Common Marketing Mistake #2: Headlines That Don’t Get Clicked

Consumers are inundated with content every day. Never forget that. So when you’re writing a blog or a social media post, you’re fighting for their attention for just a few precious minutes.

And that takes some convincing!

That’s why your headlines on blog articles and titles on social posts need to be more than a straightforward synopsis of the topic.

As long as you’re taking time to create content, make sure it actually gets read by making it compelling for the reader!

What’s the Solution?

That means when titling a post or writing your headlines, always opt for the specific over the generic.

Now, you don’t want to create click-bait headlines, but you want to achieve a level of intrigue that makes it almost impossible for someone to resist clicking on it. You can key on one vital piece of information revealed in the article or use words like “Why…” or “How…” to begin your headlines. Tap into the consumer’s thought process and see if what you write would cause you to click on the article.

Common Marketing Mistake #3: Stopping Short of “Wow”

This one isn’t so much of an actual mistake as it is a missed opportunity.

So often we want to finish that next blog or write that social post and hit “publish” that we fail to think about how a little extra effort could turn an ordinary post into a “wow” experience for the reader.

What’s the Solution?

When creating content, always ask yourself what you could offer that’s relevant to your topic and could add value for the consumer. If you’re writing a blog on home improvements, give them a list of recommended contractors in your area. If you’re telling people how to prepare their home for a showing, give them a checklist they can download. Those extra little touches will go a long way!

Common Marketing Mistake #4: Failure to Encourage Engagement

As social media algorithms evolve, this one has taken on greater and greater importance.

When communicating a message, you’re making a costly mistake if you stop with the information alone. That’s not enough anymore. The “magic sauce” that makes your posts effective is eliciting engagement.

What’s the Solution?

Whenever applicable, be sure to ask for feedback at the end of a post. Better yet, ask an interesting question that compels people to reply and sparks a conversation, not just short answers. Then, jump back in to keep that conversation flowing. On social media, those conversations go a long way toward getting your post in front of more people.

Common Marketing Mistake #5: Misuse of Social Media Platforms

You don’t wear shorts and a t-shirt to a holiday gala…And likewise, you wouldn’t post a joke video on LinkedIn.

Understanding where your content will work best is one of the keys to maximizing your social media presence. Many agents plaster everything everywhere or tend to focus too much on one platform.

What’s the Solution?

Overall, you should strive for a balance of business and personal in your social media to give people a well-rounded view of who you are. (Remember, people prefer to do business with people they feel like they know.) 

Use Instagram primarily for insights into your personal life and avoid any direct “sales pitch” type posts on the platform. 

YouTube is best for educational content, market updates, highlighting local people and events, etc. 

Facebook has become more utilitarian where everything from business posts to cat videos are appropriate. 

Tailor your Twitter content to real-time updates, thoughts, article and retweets blending a mix of business and personal. 

LinkedIn should be solely business focused with an emphasis on sharing your knowledge to build your brand as an industry authority.

To help you make sense of your social media and map out a strategy (and to avoid making mistake #3 above), here’s a couple resources for social media scheduling and management tools that might interest you:

  1. Hootsuite

  2. Buffer

  3. Sprout Social

  4. Agora Pulse

  5. Coschedule

 I hope you’ve found this information useful. Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have in the comments below.

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