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The Importance of Buyer Consultations

Aaron Lucas
Feb 27 3 minutes read

The Importance of Buyer Consultations

Tell me if this situation has ever happened to you. You're working with a buyer client. You've been showing them homes they've been a lead you've converted them to actually now start working with them and then all of a sudden they ghost you and the next thing that you see or you hear maybe on social media is that they've just closed on their brand new home. 

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of conducting buyer consultations.

What Causes Us To Justify Not Doing Them?

I want to start with why I think agents don't do buyer consultations and that's fear and a lot of times agents will try to justify this fear by saying well no one else in my area does these so why should I have to do that. And then they take it a step even further and they say well you know I've converted this lead and I've been working with them and I've built rapport and I've been showing them homes and you know they would never leave. We have a good solid relationship built. However until that buyer actually signs a buyer exclusive agency that they're just a customer and not a client. And that means that they owe you zero loyalty. You know they can show they know what this agent or that agent. They can choose to work with whomever they want whenever they want. Until that contract is signed. 

Commitment, Not Anti-Trust

So I want to talk about next how to make this process less awkward and go smoother for you. And I think the real issue is that we we approach this from a mindset of. Don't screw me over instead of a positive. You know I'm committed to you you're committed to me sort of perspective. You know we go with the negative one were immediately building a lack of trust in that relationship dynamic whereas with the committed one It's now built on solely trust. We've got them to know us and to like us and like I say always most importantly to trust us. 

Here’s the Challenge

So here's what I want you to do next. I want to create a physical list. Actually write it down of all the ways that you're going to be committed to your buyers. And when you get to your buyers consultations from now on at the very end of them I want you to go through that bullet list your commitment form how you're going to provide all those commitments to your buyer and then you're going to do what I call the assumption close which is my favorite. You'll say here's how I'm going to be committed to you. Here's how. Once you've committed to me you slide that piece of paper over have him sign it. And now you have a client and not a customer. 

I hope you got some value out of this video and I would beg you to not only start doing buyer consultations but also to do them from a commitment perspective. And remember at the goal of real estate is to get people to know you like you and trust you. And if you're not committed you're interested. See you guys in the next episode.

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