Changing Brokerages

Agents who are committed to their real estate career should act based on what is best for their overall success. This means more than just which brokerage offers the best commission plan.

When contemplating making a change in brokerage, agents should consider:

1. Culture

Define the work culture you want. What kind of office environment fits your work best? This seems like one of those “go with your gut” scenarios, but it is actually a critical factor in the overall decision-making process. 

If working with a small company where forming close relationships with your colleagues is important to you, look for that. 

If you want an all-business atmosphere, seek a group that meets this requirement. If the company’s culture doesn’t fit with your own needs and goals, it can impair your ability to succeed there. 

2. Leadership

Before joining any brokerage, examine the leadership at every level, beginning with the CEO, vice presidents, marketing team and regional managers — all the way down to office leaders. 

Do your homework. 

What is their reputation within the industry and their organization? What is their presence in your marketplace? What kind of company are they building and promoting? Is it forward-thinking? Will they be ahead of changes or slower to respond to market shifts and technology trends? 

Make sure the mindset of the brokerage’s leadership is aligned with what you envision for your future.

3. Business support 

To put it simply, what does the new brokerage offer that will make you even more successful? 

A higher percentage split should be considered, but it is not the sole factor in making a sound decision. What technology and internet presence does the brokerage have? What support is available to learn the new company and its systems? 

Do they provide resources to support ongoing professional development? Are there opportunities to be mentored — and later on, to mentor? How does the new brokerage support your lead generation efforts? 

Are there marketing tools to help you rebrand with the new firm? What affiliate businesses do they have that you can leverage to improve your clients’ experience and the service you provide? 

Beyond these questions, however, you should be clear about the support that is most critical to you. This should be at the top of your list as you examine a potential new brokerage.

Whether you are thinking about changing brokerages today or two years from now, your choice should be rooted in what is best for your career. 

Consider every angle, including what will make you happy as an agent and what will give your clients the best customer experience. Moving brokerages is a business decision and should be treated as such. 

By using sound rationale and critical thinking, you will be much more likely to find the right brokerage to call home for the long term.

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